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Our Frosted Angel long sleeve dresses are custom made to YOUR unique measurements, double lined and still offers 3 different neckstyles & 3 different backstyles all in ONE DRESS. The “click on sleeve” effect is the perfect edition for the extra elegant flair.

Frosted Angel Dress: Long Sleeve

  • We will just need a few of your measurments to ensure your stunning number is made perfectly for your body:

        ◦    Bust (around your breasts, over your areola)

        ◦    Waist (smallest part of your torso)

        ◦    Bellybutton (around your bellybutton)

        ◦    Shoulder down to your waistline

        ◦    Shoulder down to your bellybutton

        ◦    Bum (around your bum)

        ◦    Length (from the top of your shoulder, down your back, over your bum down to where you would like your dress to end) 

    • Wrist
    • Bicep
    • Arm Length (shoulder down to wrist)
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