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Our Story


About Us

South African based affordable luxury womenwear brand, introducing carefully curated fashion items that seamlessly blend current trends with timeless and sophisticated styles.
Our commitment lies in ensuring that each client experiences a sense of inherent beauty and refinement when wearing ANGE. 
Furthermore, ANGE aspires to not only excel in providing accessible and affordable luxury but also in prioritizing comfort and bolstering confidence across diverse body types. We endeavor to operate as a compassionate and well-administered enterprise for both our esteemed clientele and dedicated workforce, while also upholding our responsibility as a conscientious corporate entity within society. This entails a concerted effort towards adopting more sustainable practices in our manufacturing processes, choice of materials, and packaging methods.

Meet The Founder

Jessica established ANGE with one aim in mind: to create affordable luxury womenswear, suitable for all body types with the hope of encouraging every client to feel beautiful from the inside out. Despite the world being crippled by the pandemic at the time, Jessica knew the desire to look classy, feel elegant and beautiful in luxurious clothing that is not only affordable but accessible. And so, ANGE was born in 2019 from the four walls of her home office and a dream.

Jessica’s journey to becoming a business owner started from her love for fashion, quality and drive to create. When Jessica started ANGE she was a first year student studying Strategic Brand Communication, this allowed her to develop a unique skillset that would later enable the creation of her very own brand, merging her passion for fashion, luxury items and marketing.
Jessica launched ANGE with the clear vision of brining affordable luxury to the South African market with sustainable practices and quality in every stitch.

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